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Bathroom Remodeling

It has been said that “our homes would inspire us to go out into the world and do great things, and then welcome us back for refreshment.” (Meliss Michaels)  This applies to every room in your home – including your bathrooms. Yes, a bathroom is mostly about function.  They also tend to be a space that is often overlooked when it comes to design.  One of the main reasons so many of the bathroom remodeling projects that come to us are necessary is because of their poor layout and their waste of valuable space.

Renew Your Retreat: Where Elegance Meets Every Corner

Life today is fast-paced and often noisy.  We hustle. We work. We entertain.  If you think about it, most of our daily activities begin and end in the bathroom.  It’s where we gear up for whatever comes our way that day, and truth be told, some of us do our best thinking in our bathrooms.  So perhaps it’s time to update your tile and replace your fixtures.  Perhaps you know it’s time to start over, to take on a bathroom remodeling project.  After all, your home is your sanctuary.  All of it.

We believe that every room in your home matters.  The mastercraftsmen at Unique Stairways hold themselves to the highest standard – in design, in creation, in execution.  We have spent decades rejuvenating tired, outdated bathrooms, transforming them into spaces where our clients can rejuvenate and take care of themselves.  Unique Stairways knows bathrooms.  Get your quote today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bathroom Remodeling FAQs

When planning a bathroom remodeling project, several essential factors need to be considered to ensure a successful outcome:

  • Determine your budget early on and prioritize which aspects of the remodel are most important to you. Allocate funds for materials, labor, and unforeseen expenses.
  • Carefully plan the layout of your new bathroom to optimize space and functionality. Consider the placement of fixtures, storage options, and accessibility.
  • Assess the condition of existing plumbing and electrical systems. If necessary, consult a professional to ensure that your remodel adheres to local building codes and safety standards.
  • Choose high-quality, durable materials and fixtures that align with your style preferences and budget. Consider factors such as water efficiency, ease of maintenance, and overall aesthetics.
  • Decide whether you will handle the project yourself or hire professionals. Bathroom remodeling often involves complex tasks, and skilled contractors can bring expertise and efficiency to the project.

While you may certainly come to us with a design plan for your bathroom remodeling, It isn’t necessary.  However, it is very helpful to have a sense of your preferred design styles. Our team will collaborate with you to create a personalized bathroom design that matches your vision – after all, it is your bathroom, not ours. Whether you bring inspiration or not, we are here to guide you and offer suggestions that will work in your space.  Our mastercraftsmen are skilled in advising you on what can – and cannot – reasonably be accomplished in the space you have available.

There is no hard, fast rule that your main light source needs to be bright. By strategically placing secondary lights, you can achieve the perfect balance of illumination. Consider small overhead or recessed lights to complement your main light.  Many homeowners are opting for sconces on either side of the vanity mirror – a look that brings elegance and function to that space.

The added brightness of these lights over task areas, such as the vanity and sink, functions to assist in actually seeing the tasks you are doing – putting on makeup, washing your face, or styling your hair. Meanwhile, a softer glow from other light sources will create a relaxed atmosphere, making your bathroom a haven of self-care.