Personalize Your South End Home with Custom Stairs

Personalize Your South End Home

With Boston being the capital of Massachusetts, the South End is a historically profound neighborhood that provides refuge to a variety of artistic communities. Our neighborhood is renowned for its attractive architecture, thriving local businesses, delicious restaurants, creative expression, and so much more. The Victorian brownstones that decorate the streets accentuate the rich culture and community pride found behind every heavy wooden door. Enjoy the hidden joys, like unbeatable baked goods, reading nooks, and romantic architecture, all found on less-traveled paths. 

Personalize your experience in the neighborhood with customized staircases that become conversation starters, beautiful decoration, functional safety precautions, and so much more. Explore the variety of options available to you and your South End home by contacting our Unique Stairways office today! Send us a contact form or give us a call at (617) 784-2307 and we would love to give you a staircase that perfectly matches your style with the ideal custom design. 

Express Yourself

A custom staircase serves as a canvas for South End homeowners to express their individuality and infuse their classical living spaces with unique personal style. From design aesthetics to material selection, color palettes, and artistic elements, custom staircases can be a reflection of personality, needs, living style, and interests. Homeowners can choose a design style that resonates with them, whether it’s a sleek modern look, a rustic traditional feel, or an eclectic and artistic vibe. The selection of materials, be it the warmth of wood, the industrial touch of metal, or the contemporary appeal of glass, contributes to the staircase’s overall personality. Incorporate colors that evoke specific moods while speaking to your design choices.

Moreover, homeowners can incorporate elements that align with their hobbies or interests. For instance, book lovers might integrate built-in shelves or a reading nook. The spatial configuration of a home’s staircase can enhance the flow and functionality of the space, offering multifunctional features like built-in storage or seating. Your living space should fulfill your needs, and our custom staircase designs ensure your home is perfectly suited to you. 

Endless Design Possibilities

Here in the South End, we are surrounded by beautiful homes and a culturally rich community, and the interior should reflect that too. Luckily, our custom stair designs are the perfect option for any style preferences, lifestyle choices, budget limitations, or square-footage. The top ten custom stair designs we provide are:

  1. Floating: Also referred to as open-riser stairs, floating stairs provide an extremely clean, open, and airy feel to any room they’re in. Instead of being fully connected to the next tread, floating stairs are connected at one central point, often a beam. If you live in a home with minimal lighting, floating stairs encourage more light into the space. 
  1. L-Shaped: This stair design is excellent in homes with multiple sharp angles, awkward layouts, or a need for more space. To form an L shape, two straight staircases meet at a ninety degree angle; these staircases are often separated by a landing. L-shaped staircases are an excellent option for many South End homes. 
  1. U-Shaped: Similar to the L-shaped staircase, the U-shaped staircase utilizes two straight staircases that are separated by a landing. The big difference between the two staircase options is the angle at which they meet at. In a U-shaped staircase, the two straight sets of stairs meet at a 180-degree angle. This design is also referred to as a switchback staircase. 
  1. Spiral: In homes with fewer space options, high ceilings, or artistic residents, spiral staircases productively enhance any South End home with limited design options. Spiral stairs promote an elegant feel to any room they’re in, providing you with a functional focal point that exemplifies your specific preferences and lifestyle. 

South End
Custom Stairs in Boston’s South End
  1. Cantilevered: Floating and cantilevered staircases are similar in the sense that the treads are connected at one point, not throughout. Cantilevered stairs are connected by a structure on the side of the treads. This structure is often built into a wall, creating the illusion that the individual steps are connected to and coming out of the wall. Tailored cantilevered stairs are an excellent option for the modern homeowner. 
  1. Glass: Create the ultimate open-air concept for your entry or staircase with staircases composed of glass. While this clear material is stereotypically fragile, professionally-made glass staircases can withstand up to 1,800 pounds, making it more than safe, durable, and reliable for any South End homeowner. 
  1. Straight: Sometimes the most simple designs are the most beautiful, which is why it makes our top-ten list. As the name implies, a straight staircase is designed and constructed on an invisible straight line that connects from one floor to the next. A custom-made straight staircase can be necessary when fixing up an old home as you may want to keep key unique elements. 
  1. Curved: Whether you’re looking to elevate your entrance, include mirroring staircases, or effectively utilize a tight space, curved stairs offer an elegant, yet simple solution. Curved staircases incorporate natural angles into an otherwise straight-edge entryway. Create a grand entry for yourself with a custom-made curved staircase. 
  1. Hidden Storage: Utilize the entirety of your living space with the increased functionality that hidden storage offers. Whether you want a set of cabinets for your cleaning supplies or drawers for your slippers, hidden storage stairs are the perfect solution. 
  1. LED Lighting: Staircases that include custom lighting are not only effective safety measures, but a popular contemporary option. While the South End homes are beautifully historic, you may want to incorporate the modern feeling that custom LED lights provide. 

If any of these designs speak to you, fill out this contact form and we can begin the process. You deserve to live in your dream home, so let US (Unique Stairways), actualize your dreams. 

Historical Restoration

When it comes to the beautifully historic Boston homes, homeowners can improve and preserve the elements of their house that makes it your home. Custom staircases provide homeowners with the option to replicate or restore the original architectural elements that separate it from its neighbors. Preserve the historical integrity of the property through careful and professional intervention. In collaboration with a skilled architect or designer, homeowners can transform a custom staircase from a functional necessity with deteriorating aspects into a powerful expression of their identity and modern reinvention.

Your Home Your Way

The buildings, neighborhoods, and homes across Boston are stunning, but the South End neighborhood stands apart. With unique community gatherings, collaborative artist expression, and innovative businesses, the South End neighborhood has swiftly become one of our favorite places in Boston. Our Unique Stairways roots began in Boston and we continue to thrive in this environment throughout our faithful years of service. We are sure to provide you with the custom stairs and home features of your dreams, just reach out! 

Dial (617) 784-2307 or fill out our contact form for a speedy and accurate response. We take great pride in our craftsmanship and the skills we’ve acquired over the decades, providing you with an unbeatable team of experts. Let our dedicated Unique Stairways team know how we can improve and customize your living space to fit your needs today so we can get started tomorrow!

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