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While we may be a suburb of Boston, our Dover town is a culturally thriving and historically rich community that prioritizes neighborly attitudes, beautiful architecture, and unmatched locality. Our town is dedicated to the diverse industries that jump started our town, and our public education reflects that. Our colonial homes proudly line the tree-lined streets, and the inside of our homes should reflect that. With the addition of a custom-made staircase in your home, you can effectively express your unique personality while ensuring your functionality needs are met. Bring the joy and beauty that life gives you and express that through an eye-catching and utilitarian staircase in your home. 

Begin your self-expression journey today by exploring the variety of expertise our Unique Stairways team offers to Dover residents. We have spent decades honing and perfecting our craft, and we have learned an impressive amount of knowledge and skills along the way. Reach out to our staff on our website or talk to a team member directly by dialing (617) 784-2307. You deserve the home of your dreams, and our crew can provide it, so don’t hesitate to reach out today! 

Make Your House the Perfect Home

Custom stairs offer a versatile solution by catering to specific accessibility needs, facilitating easier navigation for individuals with disabilities. This proves particularly valuable for aging homeowners, those facing mobility challenges, or owners with a senior pet. With accessibility needs being met, custom stairs actively improve safety and functionality components. This is particularly crucial for households with children, the elderly, or individuals with mobility issues, where factors such as handrails, tread materials, and step dimensions can be tailored to specific lifestyles. Custom stairways offer a surprising amount of functionality, but beyond practicality, homeowners can develop a staircase that aligns with their unique style and complements the overall aesthetic of their home. This touch of personalization not only contributes to safety but also enhances the visual appeal and character of the living space, making it the perfect option.

Material Options

There are various material options available for custom stairs, each with its own unique characteristics, aesthetics, and considerations. The material you choose for your custom stairs will often depend entirely upon your preferences, budget, and the overall design and style of your home. Expert stair designers and contractors are well-trained in finding the perfect match for just about any Dover homeowner, making their expertise crucial. Here are some good material options for custom stairs:

  • Wood: Wood is an expertly timeless material that seriously boosts the aesthetic of any home. This material has two subsections classified by the hardness of the wood; they are aptly named hardwood and softwood, respectively. Hardwoods like oak, maple, cherry, and walnut are popular choices for their timeless beauty, functional durability, and limitless versatility. When compared to hardwood, softwood describes a softer wood such as pine, cedar, and fir. These woods can be more cost-effective, but may require more maintenance and upkeep. 
  • Metal: When it comes to metal staircases, there are two materials that reign in popularity among Dover homeowners: steel and wrought iron. Steel is renowned for its unmatched durability and its timeless look. The material is very popular as it withstands not only extreme foot traffic, but harsh New England weather as well. Wrought iron is slightly softer than steel, meaning this material is naturally resistant to excess vibrations and shock. Wrought iron is often used in ornate designs that elevate the home it is in. 
  • Glass: For a very sleek and modern look, glass has quickly become a fan favorite. While you may picture the same glass used in your windows or fragile art pieces, glass staircases are made of glass that has been previously fortified such as toughened and laminated safety glass designs. With professional installation, these stairs can typically hold up to 1,800 pounds at once, making them an excellent choice for any lifestyle. 
  • Concrete: For homeowners seeking an industrious or minimalist feel to their living space, then concrete stairs are the perfect option. The concrete can be expertly finished in a few ways, whether it be polished, stained, or textured. Concrete is an extremely durable material, making it a great material for any outdoor projects as well as for interior design. 
  • Stone: An elegantly classic option, employing natural stone materials in your staircase adds a feeling of luxury and unmatched charm that will entice conversation amongst your guests. Popularly, granite, marble, and travertine have been widely used in Dover homes for their resilience and beauty. 
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Custom Staircases for Homeowners in Dover, MA

  • Laminate: Also referred to as engineered wood, laminate stairs offer a more budget-friendly solution for homeowners seeking the look of real wood. Laminate is created with visually stunning wood-grain in mind but improves the functionality of the natural material. This material is composed of highly-compressed wood boards attached to a fiberglass core. This technology improves the durability of real wood as laminate wood can withstand an exciting amount of wear and tear. 
  • Carpet: For homeowners and guests looking for slip-resistant stair surfaces, carpet is the perfect match. This soft material is a very practical choice in homes with children, pets, or elderly guests as the non-slip and cushy material prevents major bodily harm in the case of an accident. Carpet also retains much more heat than the other materials, which is perfect for our winter months. 
  • Tile: From ceramic to porcelain, tiled stairs offer a variety of diverse design and material options. If you’re looking to make an artistic statement that will set your Dover home apart, utilizing tile will ensure your vision is met and preserved. Tiles can also be perfectly tailored to your specifications, making it perfect for any homeowner. Not to mention, tile is extremely durable and surprisingly easy to clean. 

When choosing the material for your custom stairs, it is paramount that you consider factors such as maintenance, lifestyle needs, cost capabilities, enhanced durability, specific aesthetic choices, and the overall design of your home. It’s also important to think about how the material will perform in terms of safety, comfort, and wear and tear, as your household’s needs and preferences change and grow. 


Whether you want to stay in your Dover home for years or just long enough to make a profit, custom stairs can be expertly designed for future renovations, lifestyle changes, and changes in mind. Not to mention, the stair design can be altered and tailored for any functional changes you may face. Growing families may need extra storage space and safety precautions that custom stairs offer. As homeowners age, their mobility may change, and our customized stairs ensure safety with our specialized handrails, gradual inclines, and non-slip materials. If you don’t want to experience these changes of life in your home, then investing in a custom stairway will increase your property value. Potential buyers search for the element of a home that speaks to them, and creating a staircase focal point is a surefire way to stand out and be remembered. Put your home on the real estate market’s map and contact us for a custom-made staircase today! 

Custom Stairs Your Way

Elevate the expression of your distinctive personality by integrating a tailor-made staircase into your home. Our custom designs not only serve your functional needs but also become a canvas for you to showcase your individuality. Infuse the joy and beauty that life offers into your living space, turning a staircase into a captivating blend of aesthetics and functionality. Whether you prefer a sleek and modern design or a more classic and timeless look, our team specializes in crafting staircases that seamlessly integrate your family’s needs into your home’s architecture. Let your staircase become a reflection of your unique style as a functional work of art that enhances the overall ambiance of your living space.

Embark on your journey of self-expression today by delving into the diverse expertise offered by the Unique Stairways team, specifically tailored residents here in Dover, MA. With decades of dedicated craftsmanship and skill-building, our team has honed and perfected the art of designing, installing, and maintaining custom staircases. Whether you envision a timeless and classic staircase or a modern, avant-garde design, we have the expertise to bring your unique vision to life. Connect with our experienced Unique Stairways staff through our contact form or dial (617) 784-2307. Your dream home is within reach, and our skilled crew is here to make it a reality, so don’t hesitate to reach out today!

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